Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

Dorking Solar Group Ltd is an installer for EO Charging vehicle charging points and Rolec Charging Points. OLEV grant funding application is pending, which will allow DSG to pass on government grant incentives to install EV charging points. We can also give general advice on benefits of EV and some of the issues to look out for.

What is an EV charging point:


It connects your house or workplace electric supply to a connection unit outside the property. Making it easy and safe to charge your electric vehicle. Also you can monitor and control using a phone App. Three things to remember:

-- Charging your EV using a 13-Amp plug is viable but it takes many hours and was never really designed for that purpose and is on the boundary of electrical safety.

-- Electrical earthing is important; so it needs to be done properly by qualified electricians. Not recommended for DIY.

-- A 7kW charging unit can charge a typical EV in 5 hours; meaning that you can charge overnight at cheap night-time tariff (say 6 to 7p/kWh). This means you can 'Fuel' you vehicle for around only 2p/mile. Whereas a petrol/diesel will be around 12p/mile.



What does a typical installation look like:


For more information after EO Charging point technology click here.


Here is an Idea:

If you have a vehicular drive at your property, get a 7kW charging point installed. Then use the 'Just Park App' to offer your drive as a parking space for an electric vehicle (at dates/times that suit you). You charge a day rate to include a fee for parking and for charging the EV. You are in complete control and JustPark is very intuitive and easy to use.
By doing so, you are proactively expanding the UK's EV public charging network and earning an income; and you will have a charging point for your own EV vehicle to charge overnight.