7506 barrels of oil

Located on the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, London is this art installation. It measures 20m high by 30m and 40m at its base. It's quite amazing - go and check it out.

The art installation is formed from 7,506 oil barrels (empty). See more about the art installation and artists at this link.

It has the storage volume of approximately 1,000 tonnes of oil equivalent.

Guess how long that would fuel the United Kingdom for?

2 minutes. Yes I’ll say it again 2 minutes. Of that 61% for liquid fuels such a road/aviation fuels and the rest 39% as other fossil fuels for energy. This is the primary energy (meaning before conversion or processing) that the UK uses. The UK used 237 mtoe (million tonnes of oil equivalent) of fossil fuels in 2016. Based on UK government BEIS dept statistics. Around 45% of that fossil fuel primary energy was imported.

Scary isn’t it.

Shouldn't we all try and do something about it? Then see our ‘focus area’ links at the bottom of this page.

14 Jun 2018