Switching suppliers saves money and CO2

We have good news that you may not be aware of. You can switch to an ethical energy supplier and save money!

Yes, times are changing and with renewable installations and technology improving, many renewable only suppliers are offering better tariffs than the Big 6.

But you do need to put in a little effort in as a crisp eating consumer. And that means getting off the couch and calling up one of these suppliers and making the switch ... but who do you call? Dorking Solar Group have teamed up with ethical tariff comparison website Big Clean Switch, who will find the best offer for you.

Big Clean Switch is a website that allows you to compare the tariff you currently pay with those of ethical suppliers who generate their electricity from 100% renewable sources (and we mean no nuclear!). A typical UK home will save £270 from their service.

So if you're fed up with current politics, then let your consumer voice be heard and make the switch. And, with the money saved you can buy a new tele that will run on 100% renewable electricity.

Please visit: www.bigcleanswitch.org

14 Apr 2018